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A cloud-based credit scoring tool that is flexible, explainable, and based on real time transaction data, built using our 15 years of experience in credit risk modelling.

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These are only some of the reasons why your company should start using Navigator in your business practices today.

Data parser

Easily obtain a consistent transaction data format from any (Dutch) bank, simplifying data management for your financial operations.


Achieve high accuracy in extracting relevant transactions for credit risk assessment, KYC compliance, fraud detection, and AML (Anti Money Laundering) analysis.


Calculate essential metrics such as default probability, KYC assessments, fraud risk scores, and transaction profiles for well-informed decision-making.


Seamlessly integrate our services using our secure API or deploy the Navigator on your own cloud infrastructure.

How it works

PSD2 empowers both consumers and businesses to securely share their bank transaction data. RiskQuest Navigator, built around PSD2, operates as a SaaS platform for business and retail credit providers for client onboarding and credit acceptance.

You receive a loan request from a natural person, a self-employed person, or a small or medium sized company

A notification is sent to the customer's banking app to ask consent for sharing bank transaction data

You seamlessly retrieve the customer's complete transaction history directly from their bank(s)

Using insights calculated by the Navigator, you immediately decide to grant or refuse the customer's loan

Companies trust Navigator

A selection of companies that have implemented Navigator into their workflows.

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